Daryle Lamoureux is a marketing professional and a publisher. My interests are varied and many times at odds with each other. This blog will share my thoughts on a variety of subjects from social media and marketing to the Orthodox Church — and many other things that will not fit into these categories.

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    Dear Daryle,

    > We welcome the submission of any Orthodox materials (articles,
    > links, sermons, etc.) to be included on the site. In addition, > ORI is accepting manuscript submissions to be considered for
    > publication under the Orthodox Research Institute imprint.
    (ref. http://www.orthodoxresearchinstitute.org/about.htm)

    Responding your invitation please consider our article “Bell Ringing in Scripture and Liturgy” for publication by the ORI
    (ref. http://dowoca.org/archived_articles.html).

    Wishing you blessed Nativity of our Lord.

    Yours in Christ


    Mark D. Galperin, General Manager
    Expanding Edge LLC / Blagovest Bells
    508 San Anselmo Avenue, Suite 1B
    San Anselmo, California 94960 USA
    1415-256-2512 t.; 1415-256-9268 f.;
    1415-244-0495 c.; 1866-96-BELLS t.f.
    email: mdgalperin@russianbells.com
    url: http://russianbells.com
    skype: starina2

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